Meydan Group partners with SirajPower to install solar solutions at The Meydan Hotel

SirajPower to install a 1.2MWp solar rooftop system as part of Meydan Group’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint

19 July 2023, UAE, Dubai – The Meydan Group, a leading UAE conglomerate, and SirajPower, the UAE’s leading distributed solar energy provider in the region, have signed a strategic partnership to install a 1.2MWp solar rooftop system at the renowned The Meydan Hotel in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai. 

The innovative solar solution will generate 2.1GWh of clean energy annually, which is equivalent to fully charging over 110 million smartphones, and will reduce the hotel’s dependence on non-renewable energy sources. 

As tourism accounts for 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the hospitality industry must explore sustainable alternatives and leverage new technologies to achieve net-zero status. With the installation of the sustainable solar rooftop system at The Meydan Hotel, the company is advancing its sustainability efforts and achieving its goals in line with Dubai’s Clean Energy Strategy and the nation’s sustainability goals to increase Dubai’s energy mix to 75% clean and renewable by 2050.

Laurent Longuet, CEO of SirajPower, said: “We are honored to partner with Meydan Group, a highly respected organisation in the UAE, to implement this unique solar rooftop system at The Meydan Hotel. This collaboration is a significant milestone for both our companies and aligns perfectly with the UAE’s 2023 initiative. At SirajPower, we are committed to supporting the nation’s efforts to create a sustainable future, and we are proud to join forces with Meydan Group to contribute to this important endeavor. Together, we are helping to shape a cleaner and more environmentally responsible future for the UAE.”

“Our collaboration with Meydan Group showcases the immense potential of solar energy in revolutionising the way businesses operate and reducing their environmental impact. As the leading distributed solar energy provider in the GCC region, SirajPower is dedicated to driving sustainable change across various sectors, and we look forward to empowering more organizations in the UAE,” Laurent concluded.

Issam Galadari, CEO of Meydan City Corporation, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with SirajPower, a trusted leader in the solar energy sector, to bring this cutting-edge solar rooftop system to The Meydan Hotel. This initiative is a significant step towards achieving our goal of promoting sustainability while setting an example for others to follow in their pursuit of sustainable practices.Travellers, both international and local, are becoming increasingly aware of sustainability. As part of our commitment to offering our guests sustainable experiences, we are determined to take meaningful steps towards a greener future.”

By working together to promote clean energy, both Meydan Group and SirajPower are paving the way for a brighter and more eco-conscious future. To date, SirajPower holds the largest distributed solar energy portfolio of 100MWp and is rapidly expanding its operations and applications to become the regional Green Champion. With more projects in the pipeline, SirajPower is diligent in fulfilling its carbon-negative vision by 2050 and is well on its way to becoming the region’s number one supplier of solar energy solutions.