Now Live! SirajPower switches on The Sevens Stadium’𝐬 Carport, the region’s first and largest solar car park at a sporting facility

The UAE’s leading provider of solar rooftops, SirajPower, is honored to announce the installation of the region’s first and largest solar carport at a sporting facility, Sevens Stadium, which was inaugurated by HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of the Emirates Group earlier this month.  

The Sevens Stadium’s new solar carport utilizes a total of 4,500 solar panels spread over an area of 10,550 square meters. The solar carport will provide the stadium with 3.6GwH of clean energy per year. This energy will be used to power floodlights for all its six ovals (grass and sand), eight grass fields, and four multi-purpose courts as well as the stadium’s 1,042 lamps on all their fields, courts, and pitches, 57 water and irrigation pumps across the facility, and 256 streetlamps, just to mention a few.  

Under this long-term partnership, SirajPower will undertake the complete scope of services for the solar carport which also includes the financing, long-term operation, and maintenance.   

Other than providing energy for the day-to-day operations of the Sevens Stadium, the Sevens Stadium’s Solar Carport will also provide shaded car parking for over 550 cars alongside four charging slots for electric cars. The facility will help reduce the stadium’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by an impressive 1,496 metric tonnes annually.