Operation and Maintenance of Solar Rooftop


Proper maintenance of a Solar PV plant is a critical component to ensure its optimal performance. Installing solar panels is just the beginning of your clean energy journey. Not carrying out regular and proper maintenance may disrupt and minimize the solar plant’s energy production and the plant’s useful life.

Operations are at the heart of our approach at SirajPower and one of the key drivers to deliver added value to our customers and investors. As long-term as set owners, building quality assets to last is of utmost importance to us, but operating these assets to maximize their performance throughout the term of our contract agreement is paramount to maximize the savings for our customers and deliver the financial returns expected by our investors.

Our Approach
To achieve outstanding operational performance, SirajPower has developed its own Operation and Maintenance (O&M) philosophy which is based on the strong technical and operational expertise of our managers and the transposition of operational principles and strategies used in more mature industries, such as the oil & gas or power generation industries.

One-stop-shop / Full-Service provider

The team is involved at the very early stages of each project and covers a full range of O&M activities, such as check on-site safety and security, perform day-to-day quality control of output, plan inspections and repairs in a cost-effective and non-disruptive manner. SirajPower will handle the Operations, Cleaning, Maintenance, and Report Generation of the solar plant’s performance for a hassle-free experience so you can focus on your core business.

Strong Track Record

By far, SirajPower’s O&M Team has been operating and maintaining the largest energy portfolio in the region with 50MWp already under operation comprising over 150 commercial, industrial and residential solar rooftop projects and solar carports across UAE.

State-of-the-art Monitoring and Dedicated Certified Maintenance Team

SirajPower has an online monitoring and maintenance system to capture the real-time performance data of the solar plants. We have our in-house Certified and qualified Service Technicians and Engineers.

Solar O&M Cleaning Services

At SirajPower, we provide regular and timely Customized Cleaning Services adapted to suit the client and building needs. The solar plant stands to benefit from our constant attention and extensive experience with every type of roof in local areas and weather conditions. Keeping solar panels clean is a great benefit for the owner, ensuring maximum solar yield, and reducing the time it takes to offset costs.

Solar O&M Maintenance Services

Our reliable solar maintenance services include Preventive Maintenance (periodic checks and routine inspection to prevent breakdowns and unnecessary energy production losses), Corrective Maintenance (addresses critical or non-critical repairs to minimize downtime), ad hoc Incentive-Based Maintenance (to further improve the solar plant’s performance). And through our Inventory and Spare Parts Management, we implement proper procurement processes and inventory of the spare parts and other consumables.

Solar Plant Online Remote Monitoring & Maintenance System

SirajPower’s internal real-time monitoring system enables the O&M Team to detect minor/major fault instantaneously and respond as quickly as possible to ensure that the solar plant operates at its optimal level. With our online data collection, tracking, and trend analysis, we can anticipate failures, prioritize maintenance activities, and resources. Our 24×7 customer support, in-house Team, and processes ensure that your solar plant is handled professionally and safely.

Solar Maintenance Reporting

SirajPower provides a transparent, secure, and maintainable maintenance reporting system to properly track the solar plant’s performance. This is also a useful input to follow operational costs and the unavailability of the plant or to calculate the frequencies of failures (MTBF: Mean Time Between Failures). This document associated with a quality management report plays an important role in the interface between the operator and the maintenance teams.

SirajPower’s R&D Centre

Through its in-house R&D team, SirajPower can carefully understand the system’s uptime and performance. For proper maintenance of solar plants across multiple sites, SirajPower’s R&D Centre has developed, completed an assessment software to help optimize its cleaning methodology and robotic cleaning solutions.

For Solar Plant Owners

O&M and Asset Management became standalone market segments within the solar industry, and it is widely acknowledged by investors that consistent high-quality O&M and Asset Management services mitigate potential risks, and positively impact the return on investment (ROI).
Even if we are not your original solar installer, we can still take on the O&M of your solar plant.